Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Unusual Sex Tips

If you're looking for some interesting and unusual sex tips then prepare to discover the more obscure side of sex.

It's interesting that some of the more uncommon sex practices are actually only uncommon because of there taboo nature, and actually provide the most intense sexual experiences for both men and women. This means that kinky sex and fetishisms are seen as something peculiar and perhaps even perverted despite the pleasure they give people.

If you look at documented sexual fantasies you'll see that these are things that people won't generally be open about having, and so they'll be less likely to act these out in real life. This is a bit of a shame to say the least. In addition to this, sometimes people will get incredible sexual highs from things they never even knew existed, which is why experimentation is so rewarding.

So here's a few tips for the more unusual things you can do. Remember that having trust with your partner is something that's very important when doing these things.

  • Try having sex in high places like top of hills, mountains, rooftops of tallbuidlings.
  • Smelling for long periods time without touching. Pay attention to neck and private areas (this can be highly pleasurable)...
  • Rough sex, tying each other up, slapping each other, pulling each others hair, choking each other (be careful), pulling each others nipples, light biting.
  • Games like card games where the loser has to forfeit by performing a sexual act of the winners choice or betting on something, again with the loser having to forfeit. The fun and thrill of the game combines with the fear of humiliation of doing something one wouldn't usually want to do sexually.
  • Roleplaying such as master/slave and doctor/nurse. These usually fall into the category of someone being the dominator and the other being the submitter. Being dominated is usually a very common but unvoiced sexual fantasy for women.

    These are some of the more unusual sexual practices you might want to try.

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